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Sony UK tweets unclear photos of Xperia Z5 featuring improved autofocus

Sony UK posted a tweet of their upcoming flagship with a tagline “Get ready for a Smartphone with greater focus, all will become clear on 2.09.2015”. The image was unclear as it shows a phone shoots on the monument in the evening. The leaked image is most probably our next rival Xperia Z5 Smartphone.Sony-tweeted-unclear-photos-of-Xperia-Z5

The image itself indicates, the new Xperia Z5 will have good autofocus technology. Moreover, the company also set the release date on September 2 in the IFA 2015 event. Furthermore, Xperia X5 will have M5 similar camera sporting with hybrid autofocus technology. In last tweet, the company also talked about new camera brings ‘split-second’ feature.

It indicates, Sony had made some changes in camera sensor and increased shutter speed. Some rumor also suggests Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 compact unlock together on IFA event.

In addition, we can expect Octa-core SoC Qualcomm snapdragon 810 chipset powered by Android latest version operating system. The device comes out with 3 or 4GB RAM and 21.5 megapixel rear camera featured with 4K HD recording. There is no much rumor about front camera and leaked image is baffling. It seems to be camera is the main feature in Xperia Z5 with new technology. Like other last released Xperia, we can expect external MicroSD slot to extend storage.  Anyhow, Sony fans are so excited to know more on unannounced flagship. On the other hand, Google partnership with LG and Huawei to reveal two Nexus 5 devices. According to rumors, Huawei Nexus 5 featured with 5.7 inch display, whereas LG Nexus 5 device has 5.1 inches respectively. It’s going to be a great battle between Sony, LG and Huawei Smartphones.

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