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T-Mobile to Launch Digits Service on May 31st

T-Mobile to Launch Digits Service on May 31st

T-Mobile is now working to push their limits. Company today launched their new “Digits” service which is going to special for a lot of people. Now you can use your mobile number to make and receive calls from almost any device. This is undoubtedly going to be very supportive for many T-Mobile users. The complete “Digits” service is not about calls only. You can also manage your texts on virtually any gadget which can be beneficial to stay in touch with the people. This new service will be available officially from May 31st and all the subscribers would be able to utilize the benefits.

Company was doing the Beta tests from some time. Many users have registered for the same. Now T-Mobile is planning to offer extra Digits Line who participated in this test. They can use extra Digits Line till they are using the services of T-Mobile. Customers can utilize the service comfortably as there are no additional charges for the same. The existing subscribers of T-Mobile can use “Digits” free of cost. Those who are looking to use additional Digits Line can pay $10 every month through AutoPay facility. However for a limited time, the subscribers of $5-per-month T-Mobile One Plus will receive the additional Digits Line without paying any extra charge.

This service is surely going to prove advantageous in many situations. It is not uncommon if we forget our phone at home and we want to make the call from our number. Sometimes it happens that the battery of the phone dies and we have to make an urgent call. Now you can use your number on any device which can be supportive to stay connected with the world. This service is truly useful for us. We have seen similar service through Google Voice. However T-Mobile will assist you to manage up to five numbers through a single account.

Digits service can help you to connect your phone number to multiple gadgets. You can utilize your number in many devices like PC, Tablets, Smartphone, and Smartwatch. The service will be available for iOS as well as Android users. You can manage your calls and texts without any difficulty. The connections will be available for those gadgets also who are not using T-Mobile service. Some premium gadgets have the built-in support for Digits Service. If the support is not available in your gadget then you can visit Play Store to download Digits App. Similarly iOS users can check App Store to download the app. This service assists you to manage your personal and office number from one place.

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