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Samsung Galaxy S8 Active May Not Have Physical Navigation Buttons

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active May Not Have Physical Navigation Buttons

Samsung is now planning to add more models under Galaxy S8 brand. It will be like the extended family of S8 series and you may get some more features in the new model. The new model Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is in news from some time. Now some latest reports claim that the upcoming model may not have the curved edges like the current Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models. The gadget is expected to arrive in the US within next few weeks. People close to the industry are saying that it can be an AT&T exclusive deal.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is certainly going to be special in many ways. The basic design of this upcoming model may not be very different but it may certainly grab the attention after the release. The bezels may be a little large and the expected screen-size is 5.8 inches. There is one more thing which will be very interesting to check. Some leaked images show that this model may not have the main three physical navigation buttons. It will be interesting to see how company is planning to add the relative features this time. If it is special in premium category then it will certainly help Samsung to strengthen the top position in the market.

The IP-Water ingress rating can be another thing to test here. Many people have the view that company is ready to offer something special here. Moreover the tough design of this smartphone will certainly be valuable for heavy users. It can be beneficial for travellers also who need a good premium model at different places. The toughness of this gadget will certainly be liked by many users across the globe. It can be a good option for those who drop their gadgets frequently. Most of the specifications may appear very similar to the current model. However it may have some unique software which will keep the gadget a little different from the present device. Company is looking to add Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor here.

We still do not have the exact information about the official announcements. Sources are indicating that company may take a few more weeks to show the model to the market. There is no doubt that expectations will remain high at the time of release. Most of the specifications may not appear very different. Test this model for its toughness and good battery backup.

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