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‘Lara Croft Go’ game for Windows, Apple and Android devices: release date on August 27

Square Enix has announced Lara Croft Go for Mobile that allows gamers to experience the real adventures of the fictional British archaeologist ‘Lara Croft’. The game will officially set to launch on August 27. Two decades ago, ‘Tome Rider’ was the popular movie game. Now it’s time to look on most famous gaming face “Lara Craft” in mobile platforms. The franchise has already in major hype with Square Enix that announced a Tomb Raider 2 game exclusively for Xbox One.Lara-Croft-Go-is-coming-to-Windows-Apple-and-Android-1

The Tomb Raider franchise was developed 20 years ago, and adapted from a successful movie of the same name.  The Lara Croft Go gaming character was tailored from popular actress “Angelina Jolie that increased in popularity, and the franchise spread from being a PC exclusive to consoles. Square Enix hopes that, mobile games will allow the franchise to expand and experience in a wide range of audience. Lara Croft Go will be launched on all three major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows. In addition, you can download from the official store for $5.00 on August 27. Moreover, the mobile version game will allow gamers to indulge in countless puzzle solving levels that have been made popular by the series.

Unlike Tomb Raider, the game user interface is reminiscent and original menu style much similar to the PlayStation 1 menu of Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider is not only the first gaming franchise to go with a mobile platform. There are some popular mobile games such as Hitman, Max Payne and Need For Speed. The essence of the original Tomb Raider has been retained for a nostalgic effect, and the puzzle solving interactions remain the same despite that has been reworked by Square Enix.

The players need to navigate Lara Croft through various tombs. And avoid monsters as well as traps that pop up on the way. The gamer needs to solve puzzles that crop up before going to the subsequent levels. The game requires a lot of advanced planning, and it involves taking turns against the AI and competing with it. The turn-based strategy game is a good edition from the Square Enix game developer.


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