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Apple May Announce New MacBook Models at WWDC 2017

Apple May Announce New MacBook Models at WWDC 2017

You may already know that Apple is getting ready for WWDC 2017 event. The event will be organized in California from June 5th to June 9th and a lot of people around the globe will closely watch all the related developments. Some rumours are already floating all over the internet and now we may soon get something new here. Some reports are claiming that Apple is planning to announce new MacBook models in this event. These models may be new but company may not offer anything spectacular in these models.

The first model is going to be MacBook Pro. Many experts are saying that Apple is looking to bring some changes this year. These changes may not be very big but they can certainly make the difference at the time of performance. Intel brought Kaby Lake processors and Apple is looking to add this processor on the upcoming device. Company may not stop here only. They will surely like to offer something new which may not be available in current model. Many experts are talking about the ARM chip. Therefore we may see some changes in this segment also. The model may become a little lighter and thinner than the current edition. Therefore it will be interesting to see how Apple brings changes this time.

We all know that Apple brought the new edition of MacBook Air around two years ago. It is still not clear why Apple didn’t bring any major changes here till now. Therefore market will definitely like to see what Apple is going to offer here. There are chances that Apple may offer something new here. Design may not change but the software section may offer something innovative which will make the model different from others. Currently Mac is contributing 11% of the total revenue in Apple’s kitty. It clearly states that a lot is required to be done to enhance its market share. Mac is highly popular among the masses but numbers show that some vital tasks have to be completed to increase its share.

It is almost certain that we are going to see the new versions of iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS. Experts will surely check how the new versions of these operating systems are going to enhance the overall quality of available gadgets. We may not see any new edition of iPhone and other gadgets in WWDC 2017. However people may see many new things which will improve their overall experience with available Apple gadgets.

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