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Apple May Bring iPhone SE 2017 with Glass Back

Apple May Bring iPhone SE 2017 with Glass Back

A new image has started surfacing online and it is giving a clue about the next iPhone model. We all know that iPhone SE got a huge success in many international markets. Now if the reports are true then Apple is working on the next edition of iPhone SE and makers may announce the model prior to the regular iPhone model. These images are giving some clues and they are looking very interesting at this point of time. However it is tough to say if Apple is looking to finalize the leaked design. However there are chances that we are going to see a better ‘SE’ edition by Apple this year.

Some experts are saying that the images are of the back section of the upcoming iPhone SE model. These leaked images are arriving from China and the source is well-known to provide the correct information most of the time. The picture is giving the hint that the gadget can have a vertically aligned section for camera lens and LED flash. The upcoming gadget can have a high-gloss appearance. Therefore the chances are that Apple is looking to change the regular Aluminium design this year. We cannot neglect the possibilities of this model. It is a known fact that Apple is going to celebrate 10 years of iPhone. Therefore they will definitely like to provide something special this year for their customers.

The Ion-X strengthened glass is surely going to add the power to the gadget. You may get a stylish appearance here which will be special for most of the customers. Some reports are also arriving that Apple is currently working on a special wireless charging technology. Therefore we may see something unique in 2017 which industry may try to replicate in coming months. The leaked images are expected to be of glass back. Therefore iPhone SE 2017 is certainly going to be special in many segments.

Here we would like to mention that these are just the initial reports. There is no specific information if Apple has decided to bring this model officially. Some specialists are also saying that Apple is looking to launch this model as early as next month. You may be aware of Apple’s WWDC which is going to start from June 5th, 2017. Therefore we may see something special here which most of the people will surely like at the time of release.

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