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iPhone 8 can have Vertical Dual Camera Setup

iPhone 8 can have Vertical Dual Camera Setup

We are entering into the month from where we will regularly get some leaked reports of the upcoming iPhone model. There are a lot of talks going on about the upcoming model. We all know that Apple is celebrating the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Therefore the chances are that we may see something special from the Cupertino based company. Currently the official name of the upcoming iPhone is not clear. However most of the people are referring it as iPhone 8. It is almost certain that the upcoming gadget is going to be the most influential model at the time of release.

Some leaked images hint that iPhone 8 can have a unique cable connector system which may be different from the current model. It can have some special benefits which we can check only after the release. This upcoming model can also have a special sleep/wake button. These are not the only things which market experts are talking about this model. The upcoming iPhone model is expected to have a special vertical dual-camera setup which is expected to be available on the rear section of the device. There are some leaked images of iPhone 8 schematics but it is tough to confirm if these are the actual images or not.

The front-facing section can have a Touch ID feature. It may be available on the display part. There are some tests going on for this function. So there are possibilities that this new element may change the way of keeping the devices safe. Camera is also going to special here. Many people are saying that Apple is looking to add 3D sensing technology here. Therefore the chances are that the camera can have some new reality features which are currently not available in any model.

Some other technological parts like facial recognition features may change with this model. It may become the game changer in this segment as it will be able capture even emotions also. Some specialists are saying that this year Apple may launch the model a little late. They are saying that it may arrive by the end of October or in the first week of November. Company is expecting a great response at the time of release. Therefore they are preparing accordingly. Stay tuned for more information about this model in coming days.

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