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Updated Features of BHIM App

Updated Features of BHIM App

BHIM- Bharat interface money mobile application. It’s an easier and faster process of transfer money without cash. It’s a big step taken for digitization of India by Prime Minister Modi. BHIM app is updated with some new features to make it easier and helpful to the people of India.

1 Using BHIM money transfer becomes so easier, you can transfer fund to any bank

2 No need of internet banking, you can transfer money anytime at any place.

3 BHIM can give the safest money transfer process by using finger print scanner of the user.

4 You can access BHIM app without internet, debit or credit cards.

5 BHIM updated with new QR code scanning, which gives easy scan any pay facility from local storage.

6 BHIM app is available in 9 different languages and recently updated languages are Marathi, Punjabi and Assamese.

7 BHIM updated app is featured with block and unblock features, you may block Unknown payment requests.

8 BHIM app is linked to the Aadhaar card, which make it easier to transfer money just click your Aadhaar number to the respective bank.

9 BHIM updated version is featured with virtual payment address option, to disable your mobile number in case of insecurity.

10 You can report issues regarding to the ongoing transaction or any befor transaction, and you can also check the current status.

11 you can use refund transaction to return the money received from your friend or customer.

12 BHIM app is also featured with very important restoring forgotten pass code, in case of user forget its password.

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