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How To Recover Files Corrupted By Virus– Get Your Answer Here

When you find your computer has been infected with a virus, the natural response should be scared –being afraid that the virus will corrupt your system and ruin your files inside. Can a computer virus delete files? The answer is positive.


Well, what should you do if you have a virus on your computer? Our suggestions are:

a). perform corrupted file recovery after virus attack;

b).remove virus from the computer completely;

c). get to know the prevention of computer virus attack.

After reading this article, you’ll know how to clean up computer virus entirely. Now, let’s focus on how to recover files corrupted by virus.

Tips on How to Recover Files Corrupted by Virus

Have you ever had the experience of being attacked by the computer virus? If you have such an experience and have recovered useful files after virus attack, you will not be so anxious. But what we want to say now is – you shouldn’t worry too much even if it’s the first time you let yourself stuck in such a predicament. We can help!

As you may have heard of, virus attack would possibly result in unexpected data loss& data corruption. And the worst case is that virus attacks your computer and destroys your system, stopping you from accessing the hard drive data. This is totally a disaster for inexperienced users, right?

We want to say – this doesn’t matter! In the following content, we’ll show you how to recover files corrupted by virus step by step with the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

Start File Recovery after Virus Attack

Step 1: download the file recovery software we recommend and install it to your computer immediately (don’t choose the partition that contains lost files as the destination for downloading or installation).

Step 2: run the software and select a suitable function from the following main interface.Let’s take “Lost Partition Recovery” as an example (it helps you to recover files from the partition deleted by the virus).

Note: to recover files deleted by virus attack from existing partition, you can also choose “Damaged Partition Recovery”.

Step 3: select the disk which holds the deleted partition, and then press “Full Scan” to detect files. When the scan is finished, all the files that have been found will be displayed in the file recovery software automatically. Now, please look through them and choose the files you need by adding a check mark in front of them.

Step 4: click on “Save” button now to choose a safe storage path for the selected files. Then, press “OK” to confirm.

When all files have been recovered to selected path, a prompt window will appear in the file recovery software, informing you that you can go to check files now and close the software. Please stop asking “how do you deal with a computer virus”– above content is a great answer.

Please click on this article –How To Recover Files Hidden By A Virus Easier & Faster– to know how to show hidden files after a virus attack.

How to Recover Files from Unbootable Hard Drive

If you fail to access your computer unfortunately after virus attack, you’ll need the help of MiniTool Power Data Recovery Boot Disk. Please read the following content to know how to recover files from the inaccessible hard drive.

Step 1: make your decision on whether to buy a license for the bootable edition of file recovery software or not.

  • If you purchase a license, you’ll get a Bootable Media Builder to help you create the boot edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery easily.
  • If you only want to see whether this tool can help, you can download the free boot edition from the internet, and then use a third-party burning tool to burn it to USB/CD/DVD.

Step 2: connect the boot disk you’ve made to the computer which has been attacked by the virus. Then, restart computer and enter its BIOS to change the boot order, making the boot of computer from the disk you connected. Now, save changes and exit.

Step 3: choose “MiniTool Power Data Recovery” V7.0 from the following interface. After that, select “Lost Partition Recovery” or “Damaged Partition Recovery” to recover data as we said in above content.


You can know how you should carry out file recovery after virus attack on your own.

How to Remove Virus from Computer Completely

  1. Boot your computer into Safe Mode, which is provided by Microsoft.
  2. Delete all of the temporary files in the computer to speed up virus scan.
  3. Use the anti-virus software you have to run a scan with Malwarebytes.
  4. Fix the web browser on your computer.

How to Prevent Computer Virus Attack

  1. Install a reliable anti-virus program on the computer.
  2. Keep all the programs up to date.
  3. Scan the computer regularly.
  4. Make data backup on a regular basis.

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