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Google Earth VR is Going to Change the Way of Searching the Address

Google Earth VR is Going to Change the Way of Searching the Address

Google is an undisputed leader of online world. They have brought a number of things for their users and now they are working to make Virtual Reality (VR) a household name. You may already know that last year in November they brought the free edition of Virtual Reality with HTC Vive. Now Google is all-set to expand the functions of this platform. They are bringing some new features here which most of the users will certainly like. The latest updated edition of Google Earth VR will permit the users to select any destination. You would be able to check the area on your gadget. Now this new feature will give you the fresh experience of visiting any place in the world.

This new feature is the thing which many people around the globe were waiting from a long time. It can be very useful for those who are interested to check any specific place without leaving their home. Check your childhood home or your favourite holiday place. You can visit any place with 3D headset system. Enter the location or address and check the area without any difficulty. Most of the functions will work very similar to Google Street view but the availability of 3D system is going to make the difference.

Google is regularly working to add many new places to give the new feel to their users. Although you would be able to access any place yet we want to inform you that only a few places will be truly immersive. Those who have used it are saying that it is one of the best things they have checked in the Oculus Rift. You only have to zoom in the section which you want to see and it will take you right there. The utilization of the functions here are user-friendly as you can simply enter the address. Now you will find a pin hovering over that area. Select the place where you want to visit and see the location comfortably anywhere. Simply choose to remove if you want to come out from that region. Type the new address and utilize the functions of pin to see the new area.

So use the new functions of updated Google Earth VR. It will give you a complete new experience. Check the places which you may not even know. Google is frequently bringing the new updates here. Therefore in near future we may see many new things which can be very helpful for us.

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