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Whatsapp May Add New Shortcuts and Features Soon

Whatsapp May Add New Shortcuts and Features Soon

Whatsapp is frequently bringing new features for their users. It is not a long time when they brought Status related update. Now they are getting ready to bring some new functions which most of the users will definitely like. They are working on these features from some time. Some tests are going on and we may soon get the update. The new Beta edition of Whatsapp web version0.2.4077 is grabbing the eyeballs from some time. Many specialists are claiming that Whatsapp is testing two new features in this edition.

It is not uncommon if you like to withdraw some of your messages at times. There can be different reasons for it. Now Whatsapp may soon bring the ‘unsend’ feature for their users. It will allow you to withdraw the messages sent within 5 minutes. People were waiting for this feature from a long time and now they may soon be able to utilize the functions this time. Many discussions were going on about from some months and now finally the update will help the users to ‘unsend’ the messages which can be very handy for many people. Whatsapp previously tested this feature through iPhone beta version and now it is available on Whatsapp web Beta version.

There is one more thing which people may receive with the new update. Many times we like to keep the characters Bold or Italic. We also like to strikethrough some words to explain some part of the message. Currently we are using some shortcuts to do the same. It is a reality that many users do not even know how to use these shortcuts. This scenario is soon going to change now. Company is working on some alternatives through which users may not require to memorize the shortcuts every time. Some options will be available through which formatting the message will not be a tough task for anyone. You can directly utilize those keys which will keep the message as per the requirement.

Currently there are no official announcements for these updates. However company will not take much time to bring these features for all the users. They got the positive response from the market and they are planning to bring it very soon. Whatsapp is in news from some time. They have added end-to-end encryption feature some time ago. Many law enforcement agencies are not satisfied with this feature as they say that it is not safe. Moreover Whatsapp may soon start sharing the data with their parent company Facebook once again. We will inform you as soon as we receive some more updates about it.

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