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How iOS 10.3.1 Better than the Previous Versions

How iOS 10.3.1 Better than the Previous Versions

You may already aware of the new iOS 10.3.1 update by Apple. Company just brought this update a few days ago and the surprising thing is that they didn’t bring any Beta program prior to the official release. This new update offers a lot to the users and we strongly recommend updating the gadget with this new OS to get the fresh experience. This new iOS 10.3.1 is not only appearing to be good for the gadgets but it offers many changes also. One of the most surprising things is that the new iOS10.3.1 edition is supporting old 32-bit gadgets. This update is certainly vital for a lot of users.

Most of the iOS users know that Apple does not talk much about the way through which they are bringing different kinds of security updates for their customers. This time company did the same and they didn’t discuss much at the time of release. However it is a known fact that a lot of bug fixes have made the new version of iOS better than the previous version. People close to the industry are saying that Apple has tested these features on old 32 bit models also. Therefore we can say that the new iOS version will assist you to keep the gadget safe all the time.

There was one specific point which many industry specialists were talking from some time. They had some concerns once the gadget is related to a Wi-Fi connection. Some were pointing out the ways through which the security was getting compromised. However the issue has been fixed this time. Now you can easily utilize Wi-Fi connection without worrying about the data available on your gadget. The new update is providing the right kind of solution which users were looking from some time.

One more thing which is surprising the market is the availability of enhanced iCloud settings. These settings are re-enabled this time. Company didn’t provide these settings by default but now it is available which can be beneficial for many gadget users. We cannot deny with the fact that it has affected some iCloud users. However Apple took the steps before and they informed the customers through email. Apple is not signing the previous editions of iOS versions like iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 10.3 from many days. You can now only have the option of iOS 10.3.1. Visit iTunes to install this new edition. Make sure you have the backup of your data before you go for the new iOS 10.3.1.

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