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Latest iOS 10-10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

Latest iOS 10-10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

You may be aware of that the Yalu Jailbreak of iOS 10-10.2 is now available for the users. Therefore you can easily enjoy the complete power of your gadget as jailbreak tweaks can now be utilized with ease. A few days ago some excellent jailbreak tweaks arrived and they can be a good option if you want something new from your gadget. Here we are discussing a few jailbreak tweaks which can be useful for you. These tweaks are compatible with iOS 10-10.2 and it can be supportive to make the most of your smartphone.

App Center: – It is an excellent tweak for iOS 10 gadget that can assist you to bring the app management to Control Center. This tool is useful to check different apps through a special ‘paged’ window in Control Center. Overall we can say that the tweak will let you to manage various apps from a single section. It will permit you to swipe on different segments comfortably. Therefore if you are looking to enhance the productivity of your work then this app can be highly beneficial to manage various tasks.

iProtect: –  Proper protection of data is the first thing comes to our mind whenever we purchase a new gadget. Isn’t it? Now iProtect can be highly beneficial for you if you are looking to protect the data. This tweak helps you to protect the apps all the time. It has the password protect facility which can assist the user to keep the important data secure. You can unlock it with the assistance of Touch ID. If you want to protect the Home screen folders then this tweak can be highly supportive to you.

PowerCaller: – Many times it happens that we keep the model mute to avoid any kind of disturbance. However still we do not want to miss an important call if the gadget is on mute mode. This tweak helps the user override the mute button and you can pick the call which you do not want to ignore. You can select some specific numbers and enhance the ringer volume whenever you receive the call.

BioProtect: – This is another jailbreak tweak which can help you to protect the gadget from unauthorized access. You can take the help of passcode or Touch ID to access some important sections like apps, settings and many other vital points like folders. So use BioProtect if you do not want unwanted people to access the important data.

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