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Leaked Images of Mi6 Retail Box Hint a 30MP Camera Inside

Leaked Images of Mi6 Retail Box Hint a 30MP Camera Inside

Xiaomi is now getting ready to bring their next premium model into the market. A lot of talks are going on from some time about Xiaomi Mi6 and we have discussed this model before. Many reports suggest that company is going to launch this model on April 16th as makers are now looking to bring their premium edition model soon. Market is also interested to check the specifications of this model as Xiaomi is well-known to bring good specifications without a hefty price-tag. The same trend is expected to continue with Mi6 also and this top-end model will be ready to compete with many other makers.

There are some specifications which experts are talking from some time. The first thing which may grab the attention is the screen-size. If reports are true then makers may add a 5.15 inch screen here. This is certainly exciting for many users as they can use a big-screen premium model which can be useful to play top quality games and videos. People close to the industry are saying that there can be two different models here. The first edition can have 4GB RAM while the second edition can have 6GB RAM. It can have the storage capacity of 128GB.

Now we cannot neglect another important thing here. There are a few leaked images of the retail box of Mi6. These images give an idea that the gadget may have 30MP primary camera. Currently makers are not saying anything about the camera specifications. If they are actually adding a 30MP camera then it may appear a little different. There are possibilities that we may see a dual-camera setup of 15MP each. It was Sony who brought the camera with 24.5MP capacity but later on they reduced it to 19MP in next edition. This upcoming model by Xiaomi can also have a special image stabilization support.

Processor is the next thing which most of the people will surely like to check. We may see the newest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor here. Therefore users may get the newest edition of processor which can be highly valuable. This smartphone can have a 4000 mAh battery. Some new reports are also saying that this model by Xiaomi has just cleared the 3C certification in China. The release date is not very far. Xiaomi is looking to provide the finest option without compromising with the quality. Stay tuned to know the exact official specifications of this model.

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