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WhatsApp 2.12.241 beta version for Android: brings low data usage

WhatsApp one of the popular messaging applications brought several features on every new version. In fact, developer made more changes bringing reliable improvement and bug patch up in a recent update. Unlike other messenger, WhatsApp still remains on the top because of its new specs and user-friendly design.whatsapp-beta-version-for-android-2

The coolest things in WhatsApp such as chat archive, WhatsApp call, pop-up chat option, and Google Drive backup. A few months back, WhatsApp unveiled a web version of mobile messenger. In which, users enable to access messenger on PC without any emulator. At a glance, let’s go through some of the new features in latest version. As our WhatsApp application pop-up a notification of the latest update, we always expect something new from developers. In a recent 2.12.241 update, WhatsApp includes custom notifications, mark as unread, network usage, low data usage option and more features pop-up.

Assume that, you have a best friend and want to set a particular tone for messages sent by him. Then I’m sure, custom notification feature will help you to add a separate ringtone for particular contact. And don’t worry about opening application many times on every beep sound.

Suppose, you want to change the status of already received messages to unread using ‘mark as unread’. This option can be accessed by holding person chat, which you want to change received messages to unread. Moreover, there is a network usage feature that gives a report on all types of activities like message sent, number of outgoing calls, data usage on media file etc. In addition, you can also reduce data usage on calls by turning on ‘low data usage’ under settings (chats and calls). These are the pretty cool features on WhatsApp; we can also expect WhatsApp video calling in the future.

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