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LG G6 to Arrive Next Month

LG G6 to Arrive Next Month

LG G6 is the next premium model by LG and company is now getting ready to bring the model into the market. Company just launched the model and they discussed a lot about this gadget with media. This smartphone has a huge display on which company is focussing a lot to get a good response from the market. They told the benefits of complete vision of the screen. Makers were talking about the specifications of the gadget. However the date of availability was not clear.

The latest report says that LG will bring this model first in Korea. Later on they will start offering the gadget in other markets. The cost of this gadget will start from $796.85 only. Company is planning to bring this model in March. Many LG fans are already getting excited as they can use the premium gadget soon. However some people may not find the price-tag very attractive. It is a little costlier than other similar options. There are some people who do not mind spending this amount to get the premium LG model. Many experts are saying that the model is not going to be as expensive as iPhone 8 and the next ‘S’ model by Samsung.

Currently makers are not saying anything about the availability of this model in other parts of the world. However it is almost certain that they will not take much time to offer it in other markets. The edge-to-edge display of this model will surely grab the eyeballs in coming times. Moreover the new UI will also going to make the difference. The design of this model is undoubtedly better than its predecessor. Company is offering thin bezels here which many people will definitely like while using it. The presence of HDR10 and Dolby Vision will make the difference. It will enhance the quality of image enormously.

LG G6 will have the resolutions of 2880*1400 pixels. This smartphone will have QHD+ display and it will have the screen-size of 5.7 inches.  The form factor will a little compact size gives a matchless display. The dual camera system of this gadget is the thing to check. Many people will like the combination of two 13MP sensors. Furthermore secondary camera is of 5MP. There is only thing here which some people may not like. It is tough to understand that why makers have included Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor here. It is a known fact that Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is the newest version. Therefore the combination of a seven month old processor and a new premium model does not appear that much influential.

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