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iPhone 8 May Have Wireless Charging Feature

iPhone 8 May Have Wireless Charging Feature

You may remember that last time we told you that Apple is planning to show three iPhone models this year. The regular 4.7 inch model and 5.5 inch model are expected to arrive somewhere in the last quarter. Moreover a new 5.0 inch model may also join the list as company is planning to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone this year. The expectations are already very high and Apple wants to show something new at the time of release. We are regularly bringing all the latest updates of upcoming iPhone from some time. Now some new reports are arriving about the charging facility of iPhone 8.

Some new rumours are giving an idea that Apple is looking to add wireless charging facility from this year. This upcoming gadget may have a unique glass casing which may give a new look to the device. People close to the industry are saying that Apple is planning to add OLED display in 2017 but it is not official at present. Therefore this year we may see a new type of iPhone model with a different screen-size. Moreover glass casing and OLED display will give a fresh experience to the buyers. Some people are saying that only one model out of three will have glass casing facility. It is still not clear which model will have this new feature.

Now the next point which we want to check is the built-in feature of wireless charging ability. Some experts are saying that company is planning to offer this facility as a built-in characteristic of the device. There will be a different accessory which can be utilized to charge the device anywhere and anytime. Some people may not mind using this feature with additional device. However there is no doubt that if Apple is looking to add this feature in this manner then a debate will start in no time. Many specialists may not consider it as a true wireless charging feature. Therefore it will be interesting to see how Apple is going to add this characteristic this time.

It is very clear that this technology is not new in the market. Moreover people are also interested to check the price of this additional device. If they are offering it as an additional feature with a price then it is almost certain that market will not show much interest after the release. We will bring you all the latest updates of the upcoming iPhone model. Therefore stay tuned for more information.

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