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Canon’s new printers 2017

Canon’s new printers 2017

Canon which is known for its best picture quality brings new printers in professional printing. Latest technology improves the digitalization and print media. Canon with its new updated printers features the requirements of the commercial as well as technical market.

On Saturday Canon Company launched new printers 2017:

  • The Canon image PROGRAF PRO series includes 12 color canon image PROGRAF PRO-520
  • Canon image PROGRAF PRO540-eight color canon image PROGRAF PRO540s
  • Canon image PROGRAF 671E –five color canon image
  • Canon image PRESS C850 canon image PRESS C750
  • Canon image C650 digital color production presses
  • Canon image PRESSC8000VP offering offset like vibrant, stable output quality
  • Canon also launches Occ Color wave 700 a large format printer

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