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iPhone 2017 Model May Have a Vertical Dual-Camera System

iPhone 2017 Model May Have a Vertical Dual-Camera System

You may remember that a few days ago we discussed that Apple has something special to show in 2017. We already know that next year is going to be special for Cupertino based company as they are going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of iPhone. Therefore a lot of expectations are already there and it will not be a surprise if Apple brings something special for their customers. A lot of talks are already going on about the upcoming iPhone model. Apple is already a leader in smartphone industry. Their total sales figure this year may not be that much exciting like before but it does not mean that they are going to lose their base in future.

We all know that currently Apple is offering iPhone with 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch screen. Now 2017 can be the first year when we may see company offering the main iPhone model in three different sizes. Some leaked reports are claiming that currently Apple is working on a new 5 inch model. This model is going to be different from 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch model. The new 5 inch model may assist the makers to fill the gap between the other two models. The new 5 inch model is expected to have a special vertical dual-camera system. Therefore you may get a special type of camera design next time. This vertically aligned dual-camera may appear unique. Therefore the chances are high that we may get a new function in section next year.

There are no official talks about this specific model so far. People close to the industry are saying that Apple may take the final call by the end of March, 2017. However sources are indicating that currently Apple is working on the new 5 inch model and the features are going to grab the eyeballs at the time of release. Apple is working on different prototypes to make the year 2017 special for iPhone lovers. The all-glass design, OLED display as well as wireless charging are the three points which the markets are discussing from many months. We still have a lot of time to see the final specifications of next iPhone model. It is very early to comment anything at this point of time. Most of the people prefer to call it as 2017 iPhone because the name is also not clear. Some are calling it as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7S Plus while others are calling it as iPhone 8. We will bring you all the latest updates about this model.

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