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Next iPhone can have a Red Color Option

Next iPhone can have a Red Color Option

The year 2016 is about to end very soon. It is now the time when we will see a lot of rumours floating all over the internet about the next iPhone. There are already a lot of expectations from the next model as Apple is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of iPhone. Some changes are bound to occur and it seems that Apple is taking the first step with the colour of the model. A new report claims that company is looking to release an additional model in red colour. If this is true then it will be first time that we will see the main edition of iPhone in Red colour.

Apple tried some new colours in ‘SE’ edition but they have never tried to make some changes in main edition. This new report can be exciting for many Apple fans because they may get to see some changes next year. There were some rumours before that we may see curved OLED screen next year. Moreover people were also talking about a complete redesign. Wireless charging and Glass back were the two major points which people were expecting on this new device. However now it seems that Apple has some other plans. Company may not provide all these features in next model. People close to the industry are saying that company may offer ‘S’ model next year. Therefore we may see iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus in 2017.

The overall appearance may not be very different. According to some reports iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus may have the similar design. However ‘Plus’ model may have a bigger screen. The best thing on these two devices can be the chip. There are chances that makers may add an influential A11 chip. It can have the kind of power which may appear much better than the current model. Furthermore company may offer these gadgets in Red colour also. Therefore we may see iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus in Black, Silver, Gold and Red colours.

It is vital to inform you that these are just the speculations about the upcoming iPhone model. Apple is known to make the changes at the time of release. Therefore it will not be a surprise if some new stories start coming out after some time. We will inform you all the details as soon as we get some new information about the upcoming iPhone model.

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