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Whatsapp Offers Two-Step Verification Process for Beta Users

Whatsapp Offers Two-Step Verification Process for Beta Users

We have seen that Whatsapp aggressively brought many new features this year. Now they are getting ready to take some new steps and looking to offer new security features. They have started the same by offering a two-step verification process. Company just added this feature on Android ‘Beta’ edition. Whatsapp is saying that it will add more security to user’s account and they can stay relaxed as the data will remain safe. Users have to enter a six digit code while setting the account on a new device. This will help to keep the account protected from unwanted users.

It is very easy to activate the new two-step verification on Whatsapp account. It is vital to discuss once again that the facility is available on ‘Beta’ version only. The platform may take some time to bring the feature on a stable edition. If you are interested to check the Beta edition then you can sign up for the program through Google Play Store. Visit Google Play Store and find Beta tester page. Here you can simply sign-in the program to check the characteristics. The platform will immediately accept you as a Beta tester within a few minutes.

You can start using the new two-step verification process right away after the activation. Visit ‘Settings’ section of Whatsapp and then ‘Accounts’. Here you will find two-step verification which is easy to activate. Some users are saying that they haven’t found the new security features. Therefore make sure you are using the version 2.16.341 and above to check this function. You can also add email address here but it is optional. It is not uncommon if you forget the six digit passcode. If you have included the email address then you can activate it once again without any difficulty. Moreover you can also disable the two-step verification anytime if you have added the email ID.

The new two-step verification will surely help to keep the account safe. Whatsapp will bring the new function to the stable version soon. This platform is going very strong into the market. They have added a number of new characteristics this year which is certainly appearing handy for many people. Now the new security features can enhance the trust of the users. Many people have already started testing it. Therefore if you are interested to check the new functions then you can easily check it by visiting Google Play Store.

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