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iPhone 8 May Arrive in Three Different Sizes with Glass Backs

iPhone 8 May Arrive in Three Different Sizes with Glass Backs

It is not a long time when we saw iPhone 7 into the market. Many Apple fans already know that next year is going to be the tenth anniversary of iPhone. It is the reason that Apple will try its best to offer something new to their fans. Many people are now eager to see what Apple has in its store for next year. Here we are discussing some points which may help you to get some clues for the next year’s iPhone model.

Some latest reports are arriving that Apple is planning to add one more model to their kitty. There can be three different sizes of iPhone models next year. The name can be iPhone 8 and the new screen-size can be of 5 inches. You may already know that currently Apple is offering two iPhone models. The first is their usual 4.7 inch model and the second is a 5.5 inch model. Now there are chances that from 2017 onwards we may see three models by Apple. It may certainly prove to be a good step because a mid-size gadget is always going to be handy for most of the users. We cannot deny with the fact that some people want the screen-size bigger than 4.7 inch model. However a 5.5 inch model appears big for them. So a 5 inch model will certainly be useful for many people.

There is one more point which may grab the attention of the market. Some reports are arriving that Apple is planning to change the design of their iPhone models. The top to bottom section is expected to be designed in a new way. The front as well as back section can have a unique glass design which you may have never seen before. If Apple is actually planning to show this type of model then we can say that it will be well-liked by many users. Samsung and other makers may have to do the things differently to offer something new to their users.

The front and back sections of iPhone designed with a transparent material may have a special appearance. Therefore many users will prefer purchasing it. Moreover if customers are getting three different screen-sizes then it will definitely pose a challenge to other makers. Some experts are saying that the upcoming iPhone model may have a transparent look. However it is not clear that What Apple is using to design this type of model. The possibilities of Stainless Steel or Aluminium are always there and the glass may have a special place.

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