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HTC Bolt Images Leaked

HTC Bolt Images Leaked

Users may soon get another good option in midrange section. HTC is now getting ready to offer another model under this category as some leaked images are giving a clue about it. The official name of this gadget is expected to be HTC Bolt. It is vital to clear the point here that it is not a flagship model. Therefore it is better not to expect some premium functions here. However there is one point which many people will notice here. It seems that company is taking some inspiration from Apple. You may already know that Apple recently brought iPhone 7 into the marketplace. The unique thing about iPhone 7 is the absence of headphone jack. The same may happen with HTC Bolt also. People close to the industry are saying that the chances are high that HTC may not include a headphone jack here.

This is certainly very surprising for many people. Isn’t it? Currently it is very early to comment whether people have liked the absence of headphone jack or not. However it seems that HTC is giving the preference to add the feature without knowing the popularity of this feature. Motorola is another famous brand who is following the same path. Now some leaked details of HTC Bolt show that the gadget can have FHD display at the time of release. Screen-size of the model is expected to be 5.5 inch and most probably the gadget will work with Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. This smartphone may have 64GB internal capacity and company may add 3GB RAM here. The gadget can also have an additional microSD card slot.

HTC Bolt is expected to be a midrange gadget. However still there are chances that you may get 4K content support here. The single bottom-firing speaker is expected to be available near to USB Type-C port. The rear camera of the model can be of 18MP whereas company may include an 8MP front camera here. HTC is working hard to increase the popularity of their gadgets. Company lost the ground after the arrival of some new makers. It still remains to be seen how the makers are going to project this model. Many other similar brands are already there to offer the challenge. Therefore they have to come with a special plan to face the competition. Makers may not offer headphone jack on this model. Therefore most of the people will be eager to see how the gadget will perform under this condition. We cannot deny with the possibility that the success of this model may depend on this point heavily in coming times.

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