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Sprint Decides to Offer New Exchange Program for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users

Sprint Decides to Offer New Exchange Program for Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users

Sprint is not interested to take any chances as they have decided to keep the safety of their users ahead of their business. Samsung launched their Galaxy Note 7 in August and little did they expect that it will become the talk of the town in this manner. Several models of this brand exploded in many countries and the most recent incidence happened two days ago. A southwest plane had to be evacuated because the smoking Samsung Galaxy Note 7model. The surprising thing was that it was the new Galaxy Note 7 model which company replaced a few days ago. Company officially stated at the time of release that the replacement models were absolutely safe.

This new incident has turned the spotlight back on Samsung. Sprint is among the first carriers who have decided to offer a new exchange program to their users. They are now allowing users to get any other device if they want to replace Galaxy Note 7. Company officially gave the statement that they are working with Samsung in this direction. They told that Samsung understands the point clearly. It is the reason they have decided to work collaboratively with Sprint to offer other gadgets to their users. This can certainly solve many issues and the users of Samsung model can stay safe. Sprint is offering the new models through their retail stores. Those customers of Sprint who have any query about their Galaxy Note 7 can contact Sprint for more details.

The sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were halted on September 2nd, 2016 after a number of users complained about the gadget. They said that the model is catching fire. Some people said they received injuries because of this model. It created a security issue and government decided to stop the sales of Galaxy Note 7. It recently came to the market again.

T-Mobile says that they have started selling the product once again. They further stated that users of T-Mobile who have a replacement device or a new Note 7 model can exchange it under the company policies. Customers can return the gadget within 14 days if they are not satisfied with the performance. Currently there is no information how AT&T and Verizon are going to handle this situation. However there are chances that both the companies will also announce something for their customers.

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