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Sony Xperia XZ Sale Officially Starts in the USA

Sony Xperia XZ Sale Officially Starts in the USA

Sony Xperia models are undoubtedly attractive. They have classy appearance and many models by this brand show that we can surely trust them for their high-quality hardware sections. However there is one crucial point because of which company is frequently losing their potential customers. Last year company was trolled online for their overpriced products and it seems that company decided not to pay attention towards this point. It is the reason they are still following the same trend and they are continuing it with their new model also.

Last month company announced that they are going to bring Sony Xperia XZ for their customers. Market experts were hoping that makers will try to keep the price competitive so that their total sales increase in comparison to previous quarters of this year. Sony officially starts selling Xperia XZ in the USA and still we have the same old story. There is no doubt that the model is overpriced and many people will definitely avoid it even if they like Xperia brand. A whopping price-tag of $699.99 is certainly not less if you compare the specifications of this model with any other premium gadget. It is very tough to understand why company is not keeping the price competitive. Their overall sales chart is certainly not very encouraging for them. Moreover they refuse to understand that overpriced products are going to assist them in the long run.

Here we would like to provide you the facts which can surely assist you in many ways to select the right product. A premium model with 32/64GB internal capacity and 3GB RAM cannot be termed as good if we compare it with other models of similar range. Makers will definitely find it very tough to explain why someone should go with an IPS LCD capacitive model even after paying such a huge amount. Can they explain why they have included Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor here? It does not mean that Snapdragon 820 is not powerful, but only company knows why they have not included the new edition of this processor here.

It is correct that company took some time to bring this product. However it looks like they didn’t check properly what they are offering in the last quarter of 2016 at this price. Battery capacity is 2900 mAh. Isn’t it a hesitant figure? The screen size of 5.2 inch with 1080*1920 pixels may not appear very supportive for this segment.  Many Experia lovers may like the camera. There are reports that 23MP of primary camera and 13MP of secondary camera can work brilliantly under different conditions.

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