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BlackBerry Finally Says Goodbye to Their Signature Models

BlackBerry Finally Says Goodbye to Their Signature Models

It was the year 1999 when BlackBerry’s RIM 950 changed the way we were using communication devices. They brought a new model which was capable of accessing emails with ease. Many businesses around the globe utilized the features of this device. It provided the base to develop new types of gadgets at that time. Later on BlackBerry added this feature on various editions of mobiles and we entered into the world of smartphones. Now with the addition of this feature mobile was not just about call and SMS. People close to the industry know very well how BlackBerry contributed for the development of smartphone industry. They are aware of the roles played by BlackBerry models.

Now the change is going to happen as BlackBerry has decided to stop the production of their signature models. Many people around the globe may not be surprised as these models are not getting the response these days as per the expectations. BlackBerry CEO John Chen said that the decision has been taken to reduce the expenses by removing the requirement to carry inventory. BlackBerry signature models ruled for almost a decade. However company didn’t change with time. Later on in 2007 Apple showed the world that smartphone is not about just emails only. They added numerous other features and BlackBerry found tough to compete with their models.

BlackBerry is now shifting the hardware sections to their partners. Their models may not be available in many parts of the world in coming days. Company is interested to improve their software industry as they are changing their business strategies. Their previous efforts to enhance their hardware section didn’t work. Company launched BB10 for their customers. However till the time company brought the gadget into the market many people shifted to other famous platforms like Android and iOS.

The sectors of hardware were not generating revenue for the company. It is the reason they decided to limit the operations of hardware. Now software is proving useful for the brand. Therefore we will surely see some big things by the company in coming months. There are reports that we will see many new types of new apps by the company. They will bring many new secured Android apps which can be safer than many other similar alternatives. BlackBerry took very long time to change their plans. Now only time will tell if they are going to attain success with their new plans or not.

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