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Apple Brings iOS10.0.2 Update with Bug Fix and More

Apple Brings iOS10.0.2 Update with Bug Fix and More

Apple is now rolling out the update of their operating system iOS10 to remove many bug fixes. This new update is iOS10.0.2 and it helps to remove the issues which lightning EarPod and iPhone7 are facing after the release. There were some complaints about the way songs were playing in this device. The list was not playing appropriately and on the same time Siri was also not working in a proper manner. Many people have also complained about the photo apps. However now the new update is ready to handle all the bugs and it will offer the services smoothly.

Apple didn’t take much time to address the issue. They started work immediately after receiving some complaints. Company gave the official statement some time ago that a new software update will solve the issue very soon. The result is now looking satisfactory because company took just a week to provide the solution. Many experts are praising the company as they have not taken much time to provide the solution. This new update is vital for many users because some functions are preventing they are not able to utilize app extensions fittingly.

The size of this new update is less. Therefore you can easily upgrade the new software within a short span of time. The download weight is just 33MB. So you can easily understand how much time it will take to offer you the update. Now company hopes that it will provide the solution to many users and they can use the device with ease. The update is now available for all the devices which have iOS10. Now you can easily play earpod with complete control on the device. The songs can be played without any skip after applying the new software.

This time we have seen a major update on iOS. The new iOS10 has a new lock screen and it has updated the maps also. Many other characteristics like Siri SDK for developers and refurbished messages app are appearing highly supportive. Apple Music is also looking good. So update the operating system and start using new functions comfortably. Visit ‘Software Update’ section through ‘Settings’. It will show you the new update if you are using iOS10. This new update is appearing dependable as iCloud Photo Library parts and many other features are also working suitably. The new iOS10 brought the changes which many people were expecting from a long time.

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