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LG’s Hi-Fi Music Service is available for Premium Smartphone Users

This morning, LG unveiled Hi-Fi music service across 70 countries that includes Russia, China and Italy. LG’s Hi-Fi music service is supported to those devices which are compatible with 24-bit/192KHz audio tracks. In comparison to other music store, Hi-Fi (fidelity) giving users six times better music quality than any other streaming music services.  The company isn’t named for the service, but Smartphone users can switch to Hi-Fi in SmartWorld website. LG-Hi-Fi-music-service-across-70-countries

LG Vice President, Chris Yie says Our Hi-Fi music service reflects our ongoing commitment to providing additional customer benefits to loyal LG customers. MP3 music is perfectly fine for most people, but those with Hi-Fi capable LG smartphones can experience a much richer environment

The company aims to deliver 24-bit high quality music track not to compete with other music store such as Google play music and Spotify. Instead, Hi-Fi is an alternative music service to premium Smartphone’s which is likely to include in LG G Flex, G4, G3 and G2. Every month, the device which supports high sound quality playback can get two music tracks for free of cost. After that, user needs to pay per download with 50% discount on the original price. Hi-Fi music service is available in LG’s official SmartWorld application store or lgworld.com

Apart from LG’s Hi-Fi, there are Smartphone manufacturers that provide music service on their official store. Samsung launched Milk ad-free music service for only galaxy device which is now available on google play store. Meanwhile, Apple Music which is available for only Apple users and can access through Windows/Mac with iTunes Client.

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