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HTC Launches New Viveport App Store

HTC Launches New Viveport App Store

HTC is trying to manage their overall portfolio in a new way. They recently announced Viveport App Store and it will be the collection of all the VR contents. The Beta edition of this store is expected to arrive soon. However the stable edition may arrive by the end of this year. So now HTC Vive users need not have to check any other place as they can get the related contents right at their Viveport App Store. This is not all. Company also brought their new Vive Home. It will be able to offer a customized private virtual environment which will appear unique in comparison to any other similar service.

One of the best things about Viveport App Store is that users can easily access the data from their smartphone, Vive headset and PC app. You can also access the data with the help of web browser. This new Viveport Store will not be like other similar stores where users access just gaming related contents only. Viveport Store will primarily offer non-gaming related contents. Some of them are education, design, art, and news. You may also be able to access different types of creativity tools, music, and fashion related information. There are chances all the data of this store is going to be compatible with different VR Headsets. So now you can utilize different types of contents here in coming times.

This certainly an innovate way to open a new market. Virtual Reality is expected to become a big thing in coming times. Many types of new contents are expected to here in future. Therefore we cannot deny with the fact that it may give a new direction to the smartphone industry. HTC is among the first who have taken a big step in this direction. This new store is going to be valuable for consumers as well as businesses. The availability of Viveport app store from this fall will help a lot of users to save their precious time. They can now easily get all the details from a single place. The user-friendly interface of this app store is well-liked by many experts.  Company already showed the contents of Viveport App Store with the help of a soft launch in China. Currently you may find around 100 apps here. A lot of innovative things are going to be added in coming times. So now get ready to know a whole new world of VR through an inventive way.

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