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Whatsapp for iOS Gets Some New Updates

Whatsapp for iOS Gets Some New Updates

Whatsapp team is continuously working to make their platform better than before. They are regularly bringing updates this year and we are providing you all the new details about it regularly. Now there is a recent update on Whatsapp and it is for iOS gadget users. This new update has some interesting features and it will help to utilize different functions of the gadget more efficiently. The version 2.16.7 has some changes and you may like utilizing different characteristics once you start using it.

The first thing about this new version is that you will get bigger emojis here. Now this is certainly the change which most of the users will definitely like to use. It is up to the user how he is using these emojis now. If you are sending a single emoji then display will be bigger than the normal size. The function will work equally in private as well as group chats. However if you are using a lot of emojis then the size of those emojis will remain normal. It will be refreshing for many people. Don’t you think so?

There is one more feature which many people will certainly like. The platform will now be able to offer the facility of zoom in and zoom out while recording the video. It may become one of the most useful features here as it will provide more horizons to the user to record the video in a new way. You can get a new experience of recording the video on this platform which can be valuable to get the right result. It will be extremely easy to use this feature. A user can simply slide the finger up or down on the screen to use this function. So now record the video in a new way here.

Whatsapp has included one more feature for iOS now. If you are looking to mark multiple discussions as read here then you can do it from the main interface with ease. It can be done in one go. Similarly you can archive or delete the chat from here if you do not require it anymore. This will certainly be more user-friendly now as you need not have to check separate discussions every time. These changes are already available now. Therefore if you have not checked it so far then check it now.

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