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Nexus Marlin and Sailfish may Not Have the Same Design

Nexus Marlin and Sailfish may Not Have the Same Design

Google is now getting ready to offer two new Nexus models in partnership with HTC. We already discussed these models with you some time ago. However there are some new reports arriving for this model. HTC is working on these models and company is using the codename HTC M1 and HTC S1 for Nexus Marlin and Nexus Sailfish respectively. There were some rumours around twenty days ago that Google and HTC have jointly decided to bring both the models with all-metal design. However now there are some changes in their plans. According to some leaked online reports HTC Nexus Marlin may have the all-metal design whereas Sailfish may have some plastic segments on the exterior part.

This is certainly a big change now. Nevertheless one thing is very clear that Nexus Marlin may belong to the premium category whereas Sailfish may be a midrange gadget. Now both the models are expected to have different exterior sections. So market can expect that many vital hardware sections are also going to be different. They can have different types of processors and storage capacities. However it is still to be checked before we provide you the final details. Currently these are just the rumours based on which the experts think that company may like to segregate these two gadgets. The midrange Sailfish may have some plastic segments but edges of these gadgets can have the metal frames.

There are some leaked details about the specifications of these models. These are not the official details but the chances are high that we may see these two gadgets with same specifications. HTC Nexus Sailfish may have a 5 inch screen with 1080p display. It can have 4GB RAM and makers may include USB Type-C port here. Camera can be good enough to give satisfactory outcome here. Primary camera can be of 12MP whereas secondary camera is expected to be of 8MP. Battery of this smartphone can be of 2770 mAh.

Now if we talk about Nexus Marlin then this smartphone can have a 5.5 inch screen. The gadget can have a quad-core Qualcomm processor. The internal capacity of this smartphone can be 32 or 128GB. It may have the same 4GB RAM here. Camera of both the models can be similar. Moreover it can also have a USB Type-C port. Battery capacity of this model can be 3450 mAh.

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