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Instagram to Introduce Feature to Control Comments Section

Instagram to Introduce Feature to Control Comments Section

The most famous photo sharing app is now giving more control to users to manage their accounts. Nowadays online harassment cases are increasing day by day. Many people think that they can say anything to anyone without even getting caught. This is undoubtedly not the practice which a genuine social networking platform will like to follow. Therefore they are looking to provide more freedom to the users to remove all those contents with inappropriate language. This can be useful to keep the unwanted people out from the comments section.

Instagram has its policies which users have to follow before posting any comment. However still many times it becomes tough to control certain words and meanings of the sentences. Now this new facility will assist people to keep only those comments which are not offensive. This can be highly valuable for a lot of people. Moreover the platform will also allow users to disable the comments entirely. Currently the feature is available for celebrities. Later on within next few months it will be available for all the users. Instagram has more than 500 million users and the network is growing with every passing day. Therefore it is understandable that it may take some time to install this editing tool for every user.

There was a time when social networking platform didn’t prefer to censor or monitor any comment before. However the time has changed a lot now. People started misusing it and it became vital for the platforms to control this section effectively. We have seen that most of the times celebrities are the soft target as people do not take much time to make a derogatory comment on them. It is certainly not acceptable. Therefore it is vital to manage the comments section effectively.

Now prior to this update Instagram was managing this section in a different way. Users were able to report the comments to Instagram. They were also able to moderate the comments. However they have to check every comment one by one to examine all the data. Many were not even paying attention towards it. Recently the head of Instagram public policy said that they are looking to make Instagram more user-friendly than before.  He further stated that he wants to make it a safe place for self-.expression. Therefore they are making these changes to improve the comment experience. It can be functional for all the users.

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