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Lenovo Air 13 Pro Laptop to Compete with Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Lenovo Air 13 Pro Laptop to Compete with Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi recently launched a new laptop with aggressive price-tag. They showed the model just four days ago and now they have to face the competition with another market giant. Competitions are bound to happen if we are into the marketplace. However no one would have imagined that the competitor is going to arrive so early. Isn’t it? Lenovo is now ready with their new laptop and it will be available in different markets very soon. This is certainly a big step by an experienced market player. Now Xiaomi will definitely change their plans to make their model a success. Lenovo decided not to just use the competitive hardware parts but the name also. The word ‘Air’ is now common between these two brands. However we all know that MacBook was the first to use this word. Xiaomi is following the footsteps of Apple and many other players are competing with Xiaomi on the price section.

The name of the laptop is Lenovo Air 13 Pro. This name itself gives an idea about the screen-size of this laptop. The new Lenovo Air 13 Pro laptop has 13.3 inch screen and company is using an IPS Display here. It has 2GB NVIDIA GT940MX graphics card. RAM is the major section where these models differ. Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has 8GB RAM whereas Lenovo Air 13 Pro has 4GB RAM. The SSD storage capacity is 256GB here. Processor is another important part which most of the buyers do not forget to check before purchasing the model. Lenovo Air 13 Pro Laptop has Intel-Core i5-6200U processor. Therefore we can see that many parts of this laptop are very similar to Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.

Some people may think that 4GB RAM may not be enough here. However it is vital to inform you that it will not look as shabby as you may be thinking right now. There is no doubt that 8GB RAM may appear better on papers. However 4GB RAM is also not bad in most of the cases. The price of this model is around $825 only. It is somewhat pricier than Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air but it is not a bad option. There is one section where Lenovo Air 13 Pro is ahead of Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air. Lenovo model has fingerprint section whereas Xiaomi has not included this facility here.

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