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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may launch with Free Samsung Cloud and Gorilla Glass 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may launch with Free Samsung Cloud and Gorilla Glass 5

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is all set to arrive on August 2nd. We discussed many important points with you about this gadget before. Recently Samsung gave a clear hint that the screen size can be increased this time. Therefore we may see the gadget with either 5.8 inch or 6 inch screen. It will become one of the biggest phablets of the market. The official launch of this model is just around the corner. However before the official release some talks are still going on about this model.

According to some new reports Samsung is looking to make the deal much useful for the buyers. Company is looking to offer 5GB free cloud storage capacity with this model. Samsung may soon announce cloud backup service for their customers. People close to the industry are saying that Samsung may launch their Cloud service along with Galaxy Note 7 gadget. Company may also add Corning Gorilla Glass 5 here which is going to protect QHD AMOLED screen here. It is almost certain that the gadget will have waterproof characteristics this time. You would also be able to use USB Type-C port here.

Samsung is now ready to provide many new features through this gadget. According to some specialists the S-Pen of this device will be more influential than any other edition. It will also have water-resistant features. Moreover a user would be able to use it even when the phone is wet. It can also work under the water. This is undoubtedly very supportive features for some users. You can get the notes here which can be translated automatically to other languages if required. Have you checked the features of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge? Some leaked reports are saying that the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will almost have all of the important features of Galaxy S7 Edge.

The formal announcement of the gadget will be on August 2nd. However the sale may start from August 19th. T-Mobile may become the first partner of this phablet. However Verizon and AT&T are also not staying behind. Samsung is planning to show the event live on their official website. Therefore if you have some plans to purchase a premium gadget then check Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It is almost sure that this model will lead the premium category of gadgets as soon as it arrives into the market.

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