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Whatsapp is Not Deleting the Deleted Chats Completely

Whatsapp is Not Deleting the Deleted Chats Completely

A prominent researcher has proved that Whatsapp is keeping all the records of your chats even after you delete it from your end. This is a big claim by an iOS researcher Jonathan Zdzoarski and he is saying that Whatsapp is keeping a forensic image of your chats. Now it does not matter if you are deleting the chat from your end because Whatsapp already knows about it. It will not be a tough task to recover all the data.

There are some forensic tools through which it is possible to recover all the deleted data which can be a big concern for some users. The data is marked as deleted but if an expert tries to recover it then he can certainly do it without any difficulty. You will not see the data at your end but experts can recover it with ease any time. According to Jonathan Zdzoarski the main reason for this issue is SQLite library. It is utilized for coding the app and the functions here do not overwrite anything by default. He further stated that it is possible to recover the data through remote backups. The only thing is that it is vital to get the physical access of the gadget to recover all the data.

You may already know that Whatsapp messages and chats have a back up through iCloud. Therefore even if you delete the chats from your end it is possible to get the access of that data. Security agencies and police after receiving the court orders can check that deleted data with ease.

Overall we can say that the issue is not alarming for the users. However it asks a question from Whatsapp. Users will like to ask why they have promised that all the data is absolutely safe after end-to-end encryption. There are a lot of talks going on about this encryption policy. Therefore this particular research can come handy for the parties. They can discuss the points clearly with all these latest findings. Apple is looking to add end-to-end encryption on their cloud based storage system also. Therefore we may still have to see what will happen in this section once the company include this particular feature. Currently it is possible for Apple to access encrypted data of iCloud storage. The feature helps them to provide assistance to customers in case they forget their password. Therefore this new research will definitely open a new debate. We are still waiting for an official response from Whatsapp for this issue.

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