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Apple revamps App Store algorithm; some iPad apps affected

In order to keep the high morale for all app developers, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) used to change the App Store ranking factor algorithm and the way how it works. By upgrading the algorithm, the developers will ultimately get more visibility for the applications, and in turn, it increases the download for the apps.ipad-app-analytics

A week before, the company has upgraded its algorithm, that impacted a subset of iPad developers in the United States version of Apple App Store. None of the techies know how the Apple’s App Store ranking algorithm works, but so far we understood the ranking is based upon various factors such as downloads, volumes, speed and user’s engagements.

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The recent changes may be looking similar to the ranking glitch, but the one and only way to determine whether the algorithm has changed is mainly based on the survey the market, and check with developers, if they are getting major changes such as a drop or spike in their app rankings. Right from July 17, something strange happened to the store and its rankings. For example, Facebook’s iPad application came down from rank “2” in “Social Networking” category and “7” from “Overall” to “4” and “27” respectively. On Friday, the same has crashed to “38” and “858” in the same category as mentioned above.

Fiksu’s Chief Strategy Officer, Craig Palli on Wednesday noted as

“The apps that dropped have jumped significantly back up today,” “but not all of them have returned to the ranks that they were at before the drop started on Friday,”

After the crash, the app starts to climb back to 2nd position in “Social Networking,” and reaches 9th position in “Overall” categories. But, the same is not reflected for other developers after the crash and people are mentioning this as “Just a glitch” in the Apple’s App Store ranking algorithm. Stay tuned with TheNextDigit for more tech updates.

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