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LG V10 Successor to Arrive Next Month

LG V10 Successor to Arrive Next Month

LG is offering smartphone into the market from a long time. However it is very surprising that a number of makers started offering gadgets after LG and now they are the giants of the market. It does not mean that LG is not able to offer good quality models. We have discussed some of their models before. They are equally good like any other top model of that range. But still we can say that LG didn’t achieve success as per the expectations. Many market specialists are not happy with the way the company is marketing their products. They are saying that company is not doing the work effectively to show their gadgets. Therefore most of the people do not even think about their models before purchasing a new smartphone.

Let us take the example of LG V10. Have you checked the performance of this gadget? It is certainly not bad in comparison to any other similar model. However still most of the people do not even know about this gadget. It was surely one of the most underrated gadgets of last year. The gadget was capable of working with blazing speed. Camera was also not bad. Moreover the screen of the gadget was impressive. Software of this gadget was not that much good. Overall it is now the part of history now and LG is getting ready with its successor.

LG is bringing the new edition next month. The name of this smartphone can be LG V20. However we still have to see the official name at the time of announcement. Company may announce the name only at the time of release. LG is looking to launch the model in August and most probably the sale of this gadget may start from September. The specifications are not available right now but it is certain that it will be loaded with some top features.

This is certainly a big decision by LG to bring the model at the time when the two giants are getting ready to lock their horns. Everybody knows that market is eagerly waiting for the next edition of iPhone. Moreover the next edition of Galaxy Note by Samsung will also arrive around the same time. Therefore only LG knows better how they will make their V20 a success under these circumstances. The overall stats of LG are not impressive so far in 2016 also. Therefore it is not uncommon if many market specialists are expecting from them to take the right decisions. LG can definitely bring the high class models for their customers. But they still have to do a lot more to release the gadgets with proper planning to capture the market.

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