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It’s Official: Apple sold One Billionth iPhone Model

It’s Official Apple sold One Billionth iPhone Model

It seems that Apple has the habit of creating history. Today they made one of the biggest announcements in smartphone industry. It is important to inform you that it is not related to any particular gadget. It is somewhat different and most of the makers do not get chance to make these types of announcements within such a short span of time. Apple started the journey of iPhone in 2007 and within such a short span of time they have achieved something which many cannot even think to achieve. A recent press release by Apple says that the company just sold the One Billionth iPhone model. This is undoubtedly a big achievement and it shows the strength of this company.

It is a universal truth that everybody will start opposing you whenever you decide to do something unique. Isn’t it? The same happened with Apple also. They have been criticized in 2007 when company decided to enter into the smartphone market. However even after all the negative views they decided to enter into this segment. Now do we have to tell you about their current position? Tim Cook recently made the announcement and he thanked the staff for this big achievement. He further stated that company never plans to set out to make the most. However they are ready to bring the best products which can actually make the difference. He discussed how iPhone is touching the lives and how it is more than a constant companion.

Many market specialists were aware of this figure. They were hoping that company may make this announcement at the time of discussing the third quarter earnings. However company didn’t wait for that time and they announced the same immediately after touching the figure. Apple is continuously focussing on their services business which is helping them to manage their revenue chart effectively. They are also bringing many new functions regularly through their new iPhone models every year. It has given a new shape to the market. Now this year company may launch iPhone 7 in September. Therefore it will be interesting to see how they will keep growing in coming times. Next year company is going to celebrate their tenth anniversary. Many are saying that company will definitely bring something new at that time. There are chances that we may see the kind of model which no one has ever brought before.

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