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Twitter Gets Night Mode on Android

Twitter Gets Night Mode on Android

Twitter users of Android can now finally check their tweets comfortably even after the Sun dips past the horizon. Twitter has finally released the night mode and it is certainly a welcome change. Twitter was working on this section from some time. Industry specialists were expecting this feature from the month of May. It took some time but finally the edition with night mode has arrived and Twitter has started offering the feature to some Android based users. You can keep the night mode on or off according to your choice. Simply visit the profile icon and you will come to know the place from where you can control it. It may also be available in navigation menu in many devices.

The testing of this feature was going on from a long time now. Some specialists are saying that company didn’t bring the stable edition in May because some work was required to be done. Users were not able to control the features of night mode appropriately at that time. It was the reason company took some time to bring the stable version after some time. Now some people may think that they didn’t face any issue round the clock while checking the tweets. However we would like to inform you that it is all about providing more comfort to the users. The display with night mode on after the sunset will give you better display in comparison to the previous edition. Once you start using it you will feel the difference.

It is certainly very easy to start using this feature. Simply go to the night mode section and slide the button. Once you slide it the night mode function will start working immediately. You may not feel the need to close it later as you will get better display at night. However it is up to you if you want to close it. You will get the normal display like before. Twitter is bringing regular changes on their platform. A few days ago we discussed about a new feature how anyone can now get the blue ticks on their profiles. Now this new night mode is going to be equally useful for all the users. Currently the new feature is available for Android only. There are no words when Twitter will start rolling it out for iOS users. However it is almost certain that it will arrive on iOS platform also very soon.

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