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iPad Pro 2 Rumours

iPad Pro 2 Rumours

iPad Pro 2 is in news once again. Recently two online images leaked and it is giving some idea about the upcoming iPad model. Company is regularly updating iPad models every year similar to iPhone. Therefore it is natural that people are expecting better specifications from the makers this time also. The true tone screens as well as better camera shots are the things which most of the people check. Therefore it will be highly interesting to see how Apple is going to enhance the quality in this section. There are some reports about changing the name also. People are saying that it may not be called as iPad Pro 2 at the time of release. The official name is not clear so far but it may be called as “New iPad Pro”. However till the official release people will like calling it as ‘iPad Pro 2’.

The mass production of this gadget is expected to start from the last week of September. Some market experts are saying that supply chain of Apple has leaked two images. It is showing some details about a new iPad which is somewhat different from the current edition. It seems that the upcoming iPad can have the same 12.9 inch screen-size. The upcoming gadget is expected to be based on iOS 10. Chip of the upcoming iPad is definitely the main point of discussion here. People close to the industry are saying that Apple may not get the new chip before December. Therefore we cannot deny with the possibility that company may release this new iPad in March 2017. There are no discussions about the early availability of chip. Therefore it may delay the overall project of Apple.

Storage capacity of the upcoming model is the next thing which many people will like to check. According to some insiders Apple is not planning to make any major changes here. So we may see the models with same capacities. Moreover Apple is adding Rose Gold colour in most of their models. The price structure can be very similar to the current model. These are just the rumours and Apple has not commented anything on it. There are always chances that Apple may not bring this model with the same specifications. We still have some time to see the official edition. However before the release a lot of more details will arrive and we will inform you about the same. Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming iPad Pro edition.

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