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Google Maps Now with a New Look

Google Maps Now with a New Look

Google is now looking to make the things easier for their users. They have recently updated their Google Maps and it got a new look which is appearing much better than the previous edition. Company brought the update of Google maps for Android, iOS, and web users as these three are the major platforms of the market. The appearance is clean and you will not see road outlines in this new update. The places are now much easier to understand which is very useful for all the users. Most of the people will certainly welcome this new update.

The best thing about this new update is that you can see the places more clearly than before. The nearby places of any specific area, markets, roads and many other things are clearly visible. It is certainly exciting to see the new things in this edition now. Typography has been changed and now you can see traffic details and many other things without any difficulty. You can now explore different contents with ease. The colour palette has also been changed this time. The new combinations of colours have a stimulating combination and it will help you to locate the place with ease. You will find highways and other roads in yellow and orange combination. Hospitals as well as schools can be noticed with gray and light brown combination.

Google recently said that company is looking to add more features in coming times. They told that it will be much easier for the users to check any particular place without any difficulty. Users will now be able to enter any specific place. Moreover they can also get the details of their point of interest. Do you want to know if a particular restaurant in a place serves vegetarian food or not? Google Maps will be there to help you.

The new colour scheme of Google Maps will be highly functional for the users. It will give you a lot of idea about your areas of interests. The version 9.32 is loaded with all the latest characteristics. However it is vital to inform you that Google is rolling out the update in stages. Therefore if you have not received the new update then you should not worry about it. The new update will be available to you in coming times. So check the new features as soon as you receive the update. It has a lot of beneficial features.

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