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HTC Desire 530 Now Available in The USA

HTC Desire 530 Now Available in The USA

HTC Desire 530 now available for sale in The USA. Company brought the gadget exactly as per their commitment and now this gadget is available for $179 only. Users can purchase this gadget from the official website of HTC here. T-Mobile is also the partner of HTC to bring this gadget into the marketplace. Company started offering this model in Sprinkle White colour and very soon we may see some more additions in coming times. Some reports are saying that Sprinkle White colour may be well-liked by most of the people. Therefore it is tough to say right now which model will be well-liked by the people in coming days. HTC may offer additional options here which may give more opportunities to people to choose their favourite model.

We just discussed above that T-Mobile is the partner of HTC to bring this model. The contract price of this smartphone is $159.99 only. You can also get the gadget in instalments if you like. If you are purchasing it directly from HTC then you will get an unlocked edition of this smartphone. HTC Desire 530 is now ready to compete with other midrange gadgets. We may see this model in many other stores also. Verizon is also planning to offer this gadget to their customers. You may know that HTC showcased this model in MWC event this year. It has a special micro-splash design which is giving the model a different look from others.

Midrange segment is still highly popular among the masses at present. You can easily see different makers offering huge alternatives under this segment. HTC is working hard to revive their fortunes. Therefore they are looking to offer midrange gadgets so that they can expand their user base in future. HTC Desire 530 is one of their attempts to increase their total number of customers. Many specialists who tested this gadget are saying that it is a dependable smartphone. It may not be the best but it will not disappoint with its performance. The gadget has 16GB internal capacity and you can add microSD card up to 256GB. The gadget is based on Android version 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. So check this model and see if it is according to your expectations. HTC is a dependable brand and they are bringing some good models from last few years. Battery will be sufficient enough for most of the users.

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