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Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will Protect the Device from Accidental Drops

Corning Gorilla Glass 5 will Protect the Device from Accidental Drops

Corning is now getting ready to offer the next edition of Gorilla Glass. This upcoming edition is going to solve one of the biggest issues of almost all the gadget users. The chances of accidental drops are always there while using the gadget. Therefore Corning Gorilla Glass can have special characteristics through which the screen of the device can stay protected from this particular issue. Experts have the view that the screen can stay protected in case the gadget falls from up to 1.6 metre height. Therefore we can say that it can have the ability to offer the required protection accurately as it can be the selfie height for most of the people.

Recently Corning claimed that more than 40 brands are using their products right now. Therefore it becomes natural for them to bring the kinds of products that can easily offer the required shield to the gadgets. Company is saying that the Gorilla Glass 5 has gone through various tests and it has cleared all of them successfully. We may see this new shield on gadgets by the end of this year. The new protection by Corning will not trouble the users. They can easily utilize their gadget for different purposes without any difficulty. The glass technology will be up to the new level which will be functional for most of the users.

This time company took the help of a recent study before designing the fifth edition of Gorilla Glass. Company said that they found that more than 85% people have dropped their gadget accidentally at least one time in previous one year. It was the prime reason company decided to bring the kind of glass which can offer protection to the screen. They did the required research and designed the protection in a way so that display can stay protected. This new protection is going to assist the users to protect the display for a long time.

Company further stated that they are getting ready to offer at least one billion gadgets with Gorilla Glass 5 protection. It will certainly increase in coming times. Therefore Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection will not only help to protect the display from scratches. It will also offer protection from accidental drops. We may see almost all the top makers to add this protection very soon. Corning brought the first edition of Gorilla Glass around 10 years ago. They are offering different types of glass related products from a long time. Company has the history of offering quality products. Therefore market is expecting that Gorilla Glass 5 will certainly going to be better than its predecessors.

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