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Apple iOS 10 to Warn Users about Moisture in Gadget

Apple iOS 10 to Warn Users about Moisture in Gadget

We all know that Apple is planning to bring the next edition of their operating system in the last quarter of this year. A lot of talks are going on about this upcoming operating system. Many have the view that iOS 10 will help users to save battery and it will work much better than its predecessor. There is no exact report about this claim is available right now. However some more details are emerging out about this new operating system.

One of the latest reports is saying that iOS 10 will warn users about moisture in lightning connector. Currently company is testing this new feature and they are checking out the ways to inform user about this moisture. Experts have the view that users will receive a warning pop up message on the screen whenever a user will try to add any compatible accessory to that specific lightning connector. The new function is available in iOS 10 beta version 3 and it is available for the latest edition of iPhone models. Many people are saying that currently this new function can work only iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhoneSE.

Currently the official reports from Apple are still not available. There is no new report if company has any plan to include this function in the upcoming iPhone model. But this is certainly the correct decision by the makers to bring this kind of function. These days the way of using gadgets have changed a lot. Now it is not the PC but smartphone has become the first point of communication. Therefore it becomes important for the makers to include some additional tools to protect the gadget from diverse circumstances. Many specialists are claiming that the next iPhone model can have dust and water resistant features. Therefore people close to the industry are saying that Apple can include this new feature of warning the user about moisture in upcoming model.

We still have to wait for some time to know the complete list of devices where this facility will be available. The complete features of this function will be available only at the time of release. Users can disable these warning features whenever they like. The next operating system by Apple can have many other additional functions. We will bring you all the latest reports as soon as we get some more information about it.

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