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Facebook to Bring Light-based Wireless Communication System

Facebook to Bring Light-based Wireless Communication System

We have entered into an era where technology will keep changing with more rapid pace in coming times. A few years ago Internet started changing the world. Communication systems became stronger than before and provided the path of new connectivity tools in the current era. Now can you imagine if we enhance the communication systems more then what more changes it can bring in future? Facebook is trying to do the same.

Facebook has changed a lot in recent times. It is not just a social networking website only as they are entering into different zones to show their strength. One of them is providing internet to different areas through a new technology. You may already know it is not easy to access internet if we are in a remote area where cell towers as well as optical fibres are tough to deploy due to different ground reasons. Many times these areas are not accessible. Moreover the cost of providing internet services to those areas is very high. Therefore Facebook is working on this section to provide internet to those areas also.

A number of researchers in connectivity lab of Facebook have developed a new kind of technology. This new technology can become the foundation of light-based wireless communication system. These researchers have the view t hat this new technology will work far better than the technology heavily dependent on microwaves or radio frequencies. This is certainly a boom in this field and these researchers are confident that the way of accessing internet will change in coming times. This new light-based wireless communication has also been termed as free-space optical communication. The technology is going to use laser lights instead of the regular optical fibre. It will help to send the data to different regions not only quickly but without any errors also. The features of this platform will help accessing internet to even remote areas which can be extremely useful to all the people. Researchers are utilizing fluorescent materials here to accumulate light. Later on they are focussing on a tiny photodetector. The work is still going on and the researchers are confident that they will be ready to show the new way of accessing the internet in coming times. Overall the research will certainly provide alternative methods to access internet. The speed will not only be better but it can be accessible without any hiccups.

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