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Apple Brings Public Beta 2 of iOS10 and Mac OS Sierra

Apple Brings Public Beta 2 of iOS10 and Mac OS Sierra

The first public Beta of upcoming operating systems by Apple arrived about a month ago. Now company is ready with its second public beta and it has some new features which make the OS a little different from the previous version. The new Beta edition is now available. Testers can take a preview if they are interested to know more about the upcoming iOS 10 operating system. The new characteristics of iOS10 will not only make the upcoming operating system more interesting but many new functions will provide additional features beneficial for coming times.

Public Beta testers can have a new access point to utilize the functions of Touch ID. Many of its characteristics are of iOS9 style and the testers can access it by simply placing the finger on the access point. This will certainly offer new experience to many testers. The newly improved quick actions feature will be there for the tester. The downloaded music label will return this time. Moreover many other things like superior music app, new lock sound and keyboard sound will also be there to offer the freshness in upcoming operating system. Testers are now receiving the OTA update. If you have signed up for the program then you should receive it soon. There are still some members who have not received the update but if they have signed up for the program then they will receive it soon. You can also visit the official website of Apple to know more about the program.

Now it is not just about the public Beta 2 of iOS 10. Mac OS Sierra also received the new edition of public beta. The upcoming operating systems will surely going to be different from its predecessor. Pubic beta 2 of Mac OS Sierra is loaded with Siri and it will be unique function here. There are new memory and search features. Moreover it has a new object recognition feature also. Company has included better storage alternatives here. It will also have Picture-in-Picture support.

The new characteristics with bug-fixes here will make it a superb option in coming times. If you have not tested these new features then you can test with a valid Apple ID. We may see the stable release somewhere in the last quarter of this year. However before the stable release Apple will like to offer some more Public Beta releases.  We will inform you as soon as Apple brings something officially in coming months.

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