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HP Spectre: Superb Ultra-Thin Laptop

HP Spectre Superb Ultra-Thin Laptop

The market of laptop is certainly somewhat different in comparison to other gadgets. This is the world where you see some changes only after a few months. Now we are entering into a time when some makers are eager to make their own mark and HP has started the process for the same. The company is now ready to offer the world’s thinnest laptop and the overall performance of this machine is certainly thrilling for many people. This laptop is undoubtedly thin but it will not disappoint with its performance from any corner. Users may have to shell out the additional amount here. However the laptop will be ready to show the type of outcome which can be tough to compare with any other model of similar range.

This laptop has 13.3 inch full HD IPS screen and company has included edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass here. Therefore it is very clear that the screen is well-protected from unwanted scratches. There are two processors under the series.  The first model has Intel i5 processor while the second has i7 processor. The model with i7 processor is top line product by the makers. This gadget has 8GB RAM. Therefore you can easily utilize different online services as per your requirement. The system memory is undoubtedly good and it will be ready to offer you a blazing experience.

The newest connectivity alternatives can work with unmatched quality here. If you are using a good Wi-Fi connection then the system will not bother you in any way.  The machine has the capability to stay connected for long and you can easily finish your task without wasting your time. Company is using next-gen 802.11 ac antenna here. Therefore you can easily understand how useful it can be for you under different circumstances. This laptop will work with Windows 10 and company has included 512GB SSD storage here.

Experts have the view that it is a great laptop and you can certainly trust this model if you are looking for a premium machine. The price of new HP Spectre starts from £1,149. This price tag is for the base model. The model is undoubtedly pricey. Therefore we can say that the model is for those people who like using premium models only. There is no compromise with the quality here. The thickness is just 10.4 mm here and you will get 3 USB Type-C ports. Battery life is not very huge but it is sufficient enough for many users. Check the speakers also before you purchase. Overall it is an excellent machine.

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