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Verizon Offers “Always-On Data” to Prepaid Customers

Verizon Offers Unlimited Prepaid Data

It is not a long time when Verizon showed their new postpaid plans to the market. These plans are appearing very similar to T-Mobile and many people have the view that Verizon is trying to imitate T-Mobile. Now once again company is making some changes in their plans and this time it is for prepaid customers. Company announced “Always-On Data” for their prepaid customers. This new change in plan is equivalent to the plans available for postpaid customers. Now prepaid customers can also enjoy utilizing additional data. They need not have to worry about the charges for using the additional data for that specific billing period.

Here we would like to explain how the new plans are going to work for you. Suppose you are using a $60 monthly smartphone plan. Here you will get 5GB of data with high speed for one month. Once you complete this 5GB high speed data, “Always-On Data” will permit you to utilize more data without any additional charge. However the speed will be reduced to 128kbps for the remaining days of that specific month. Customers are required to purchase add-on data if they are looking to access internet with high speed. Similarly $45 monthly smartphone plan will offer you 2GB high speed data for one month. The speed will be limited to 128kbps here also for the remaining days of that month once you finish the high-speed data. You need not have to pay anything additional if you do not mind accessing internet with less speed for the remaining days of any particular month. The other benefits of these two plans are

(1) Unlimited text to Mexico and Canada

(2) Mobile Hotspot

(3) Unlimited Talk and Text.

The $60 monthly smartphone plan has an additional benefit of “unlimited talk to Mexico and Canada” apart from the above three benefits. You can call Verizon if you have any other doubt about the plan.

Overall the deal is appearing good but the thing is that the speed of utilizing data will be reduced for the remaining days of any specific month after you finish the high-speed data. Now many people will have the view that the data with less speed may not be a good idea. It will surely take a long time if we are interested to download something. Moreover browsing can be a big issue with less speed. This is certainly a concern for some users but the best thing is that customers can now choose the type of data according to their need. If they want high-speed data then they have the option of purchasing the add-on data else they can continue accessing internet with low speed for the remaining days of that billing period. There are no charges for accessing data with less speed for remaining days of any particular month. There are undoubtedly many customers who will not mind using internet with less speed.  Now a customer will not be charged automatically after he finishes his data plan.

So now prepaid customers can comfortably utilize their data plans as per the requirement. The data with less speed can be good enough to receive emails and other messages. You should not use this speed to use Netflix or other similar platforms. It will surely disappoint you in this case. You can stay connected with less speed as you would be able to check some websites but it is not good enough to check many online videos or accessing some services.

Verizon is trying their best to offer some useful plans. We all know they were criticized some time ago for the same reason. They lost some of their customers due to diverse market conditions. Now it is an attempt by the company to make their base strong. They still have to do a lot to regain their market space. Now only time will tell if the market has accepted their new plans or expecting more from them to show something better in coming times.

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