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YouTube updates mobile app, 3D VR videos coming soon and Creator Rewards

In recent keynote speech at 6th annual Vidcon event, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, announced that the company has planned to release a new upgraded version for the YouTube mobile application. The application will be available for Android operating system based devices, and iOS version of the application will be released later.youtube-new-app-360-3d-video

The all new YouTube mobile app allows the video creators to publish the video and edit the video directly from the application without any hassle. Also it allows the viewers to subscribe to a channel with just a single button.

One of the most important thing is that, when a channel owner gets around 10 million subscribers, the channel owner earns a Diamond Play button reward for the same. 100K subscribers can earn you a Silver Play button while 1 million subscribers can earn you a Gold play button.

At VidCom, the annual online video conference in Southern California, Susan Wojcicki CEO of YouTube mentioned that,

“We’re finally in an era where the diversity on the screen reflects the diversity of our era” “With YouTube you are able to stay true to yourself and find an audience as passionate as you are. YouTube is about authenticity, and the more authentic your voice is, the more fans you can draw in.”

The app update is mainly due to the various internet reports on the internet, which states that people around the globe are becoming more receptive on mobile content, while compared to PCs and laptops. Also from the fact that more than half of the video in the YouTube are from the mobile devices and doubled revenue from the mobile platform, the company focuses the application to make the mobile platform more stable for video uploads.

The application allows the users to upload 360 degree video, directly from their mobile devices. In order to upload the video, the user needs a 360-degree capturing video cameras, from the manufacturers such as Ricoh Theta, Kodak SP360, Giroptic 360cam.

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