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Google Play Store Loaded with Fake Pokemon Go Apps

Google Play Store Loaded with Fake Pokemon Go Apps

The popularity of Pokemon Go app is increasing day by day. It is appearing to be the newest internet sensation and people from different regions are playing it regularly. However there is one bad news which may upset a lot of gamers around the globe. There are some bad actors who are trying to cash in the popularity of this game. They are creating fake apps and utilizing the platform Google Play Store to get unjustified benefits.

There is one such app called ‘Pokemon Go Ultimate’ which has infected a number of devices in many regions. Users get some details like “PI network” when they use this app. It locks the screen at the beginning and later on users are asked to restart their gadgets by removing the battery. Once the user restarts the gadget as per the instructions he will not receive any information about PI network app. However some fake advertisement clicks and other apps keep running on the background. This becomes a big security challenge for the users and they may share their important data with others unknowingly within a few seconds.

There are so many other fake apps in the name of Pokemon Go. Some users are installing it without checking all the related details. There are fake apps working like a guide to play this game. Moreover some fake ‘guide and cheat’ apps are also available which are equally dangerous like ‘Pokemon Go Ultimate’. Google team has removed many fake apps but still there are threats which are tough to ignore at this time. ESET is helping to remove all the unwanted apps but it may still take some time to remove it completely.

Pokemon Go will soon be available in more than 200 countries in coming days. Currently the game is available in few countries like The USA, Japan, Britain and many other European countries. It is also available in Philippines and Australia at present. You can play this game with the help of GPS system along with Google Maps. Gamers have to find out the virtual creatures here to capture it. The game is interesting but make sure you are using only the official version of this app. You can also use phone application manager to uninstall unwanted apps manually.   Make sure you keep an eye on number of downloads before installing the app. This will assist you to know the official version. Check the publisher carefully before you hit the download button to avoid any unpleasant situation.

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